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The Evolution of Xflow's Product Vision: Streamlining Clear Aligner Manufacturing with a Unified Workflow Management Platform

Dental Axess is a global integrator of CAD/CAM and dental imaging solutions for dental clinics and laboratories based in Europe, Australia, New Zealand , and North America. Despite being well-known as a distributor of various dental products, particularly clear aligners, the company decided to develop its proprietary software to digitally interconnect every facet of the clear aligner manufacturing process.


They turned to Modeso to build Xflow, a flexible, cloud-based platform that allows dental clinics and labs to manage the entire manufacturing process in-house – from scan to design and fabrication – providing the flexibility to collaborate with external partners for specific aspects in clear aligner production.

In this case study, we delve deep into our work on this project, from conceptualization to implementation to launch.

“Modeso is highly skilled with strong technical capabilities. Their collaborative style in solving complex problems helps us achieve our company’s product vision. Modeso has been a solid technical partner in our business’ journey to seamless digitisation."

Per Claesson, CEO, Dental Axess Management AG

Xflow: A unified solution for clear aligner production challenges

Xflow workflow management platform addresses critical challenges in the dental industry by providing a unified solution for practitioners, designers, and manufacturers involved in clear aligner production. The platform streamlines the entire workflow, from scanning patient data to manufacturing clear aligners, addressing issues related to data management, integration complexities, and the need for seamless collaboration between different stakeholders.

Before the implementation of Xflow, the exchange of crucial data within the clear aligner production supply chain happened through disparate channels like Dropbox, email, or Google Drive. For example, practitioners would send data through links to manufacturers, but crucial patient information often traveled separately through emails or other channels.

This disjointed process frequently led to misplacements, delays, and a lack of synchronization between patient data and corresponding manufacturing data.

Xflow resolved this problem, ensuring that patient information, 3D scans, and other critical data were efficiently integrated, eliminating delays and errors. The platform enables users to enhance workflow efficiency, offering a seamless experience for tracking both outsourced and in-house designs.

From a data platform to automated workflow management

When Dental Axess first turned to us, they wanted to develop a data platform. The objective was to create a centralized hub where orthodontic professionals could easily access and manage all relevant information about the clear aligner manufacturing process. The platform aimed to consolidate 3D scans, patient data, and other essential information, providing a convenient space for dental clinics to organize and transmit this information to manufacturers.

However, the project transformed from a platform that facilitates information exchange between dental practitioners and manufacturers into a robust workflow management solution that optimizes the entire clear aligner manufacturing supply chain.

Here is how we went from a data platform to a solution that digitizes dental workflows.

Stage 1: Proof of concept development

In the initial phase of our collaboration, we engaged directly with Dental Axess’s Technical Product Owner, to conceptualize the future solution. Our primary focus was on enabling scanners to seamlessly add data to the platform, eliminating the need for manual uploads and simplifying the user experience.

To validate the technical feasibility of the scanner integration, we developed a proof-of-concept and conducted thorough testing to ensure flawless functionality. 

Once the technical feasibility was confirmed, the project transitioned to the development phase with our team in Egypt taking the lead.

Stage 2: Acquiring the first customer – pivotal phase in Xflow’s evolution

Xflow’s journey took a significant turn with the entrance of the largest clear aligner provider in Switzerland. Facing challenges with reliably transferring data into the market-leading treatment planning and manufacturing platform company adopted Xflow as a seamless gateway for data movement. They become Xflow’s first paying customer. 

Our collaboration with the largest clear aligner provider in Switzerland validated our product/market fit, steering our product development roadmap towards prioritizing integrations.

Stage 3: From consolidating data to owning the entire workflow

As we moved beyond the initial focus on data storage, recognizing the need for integrations in all directions, our vision became clearer. Now, the overarching goal was to own the entire workflow, from the initial scan to the final product. With this vision guiding our development efforts, the challenge was to pinpoint the areas with the most significant gaps in the clear aligner manufacturing process and determine the quickest wins. The ultimate goal was to enable users to complete the entire journey from scanning to receiving the final product without leaving the platform – a challenging but aspirational objective. After over two years, we successfully achieved this milestone.

Currently, the platform automates almost the entire workflow, with the design phase requiring the most human intervention. This part, usually handled by orthodontists or dental technicians, is not the easiest to automate. But it’s relatively easy to outsource. The platform facilitates the design outsourcing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration between users.

Solution overview: users, integrations, workflow


Scanning and data upload

Treatment planning

Aligner manufacturing

Final product delivery

Practitioners initiate the process by using third-party 3D scanners
Scans are seamlessly uploaded into Xflow via API integration

Orthodontists create treatment plans using design software directly within Xflow
Results are sent back to Xflow, generating a comprehensive treatment plan outlining stages and aligners

Based on the treatment plan, practitioners decide whether to manufacture in-house or outsource
AI services make 3D scans printable, refining them for visual appeal
The laser aligner cutter, integrated with Xflow, forms the aligner to the teeth contours
Trim lines generated by Xflow guide the laser cutter in precise cutting
Integration with manufacturer hardware and external systems is automatic, streamlining the entire process
The 3D model is printed, creating a plastic representation of the patient’s jaw

The aligners are shipped back to the dentist

Development challenges

3D design powered by AI

One of the challenges Modeso successfully addressed during the development of Xflow was incorporating AI into the clear aligner design process. By seamlessly integrating AI into the system, we ensured that the manufacturing process became more efficient, producing final products of higher quality and aesthetic appeal.

Our solution involved automating the upload of scan data to the cloud and leveraging AI algorithms to refine the scan, addressing rough edges, and creating a polished base for a visually appealing final product.

Cross-regional patient data management

Dental Axess, operating across diverse regulatory landscapes, faced the challenge of sharing patient information while complying with regional regulations. These regulations permitted the exchange of only anonymous data across regions, making sharing identifiable information a strict violation.

We needed to organize the database efficiently which required us to perform meticulous planning to minimize data exchange. Our solution involved the separation of patient information into distinct regions that couldn’t communicate with each other. The front end took on the role of an intermediary, pulling data from each region exclusively when a user reached a point where information from various regions could be aggregated. This method ensured regulatory compliance while tackling the complexity of cross-regional data access and management.

3D model integration

Working with 3D models was a challenge for Modeso, as our team had limited experience in this area. The adoption of the Three.js library added complexity, demanding a grasp of 3D math concepts and terminology.

Despite a significant learning curve, we acquired the needed knowledge, allowing us to develop robust 3D functionality.

Fulfilling the vision of consolidating all stages of clear aligner manufacturing onto a single platform

Initially conceived as a data platform, Xflow has evolved, benefiting from the team’s agility in adapting to customer needs. Despite some integration points still being refined, the platform allows users to go from scan to production within Xflow. Our client’s vision of providing customers with a smoother and more integrated workflow has largely been realized, making data loss a concern of the past. 

Modeso’s ongoing focus is on supporting the existing platform, addressing customer needs, and further streamlining the clear aligner manufacturing workflow.

Value delivered

Refining the Xflow vision

Modeso demonstrated flexibility and adaptability, playing a crucial role in clarifying and refining the initial vision for Xflow, ensuring it aligns with the evolving needs of Dental Axess and its clients.

Informed decision making

As our team at Modeso gained expertise in dentistry, it equipped us with the knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring that Xflow effectively caters to the requirements of the industry.

Integrated touchpoints

We successfully implemented various touchpoints within Xflow, allowing users to seamlessly navigate from the scanning stage to the final manufacturing phase, automating their workflow.

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