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Modeso delivers end-to-end software solutions through a full range of IT services, spanning product discovery, intuitive UI/UX design, lean & agile software engineering and quality assurance, and ongoing support and maintenance. Get all the benefits of our custom software application development services:

Peak value to investment ratio
Delivery at startup speed
Ownership & extra mile guaranteed
IP is 100% yours

Leading Swiss Companies trust Modeso
for Custom Software Application Development

  • Develop bespoke solutions that drive business growth

    From minimum viable software product development to enterprise software engineering, we address the needs of businesses aiming to introduce new products to the market, improve operational efficiency, and elevate the customer experience.

    Validate your vision with a minimum viable product (MVP)

    Minimize functionality in the first version of your custom app without compromising quality. MVP is the quickest path to achieve product/market fit with minimal effort and risk.

    Develop a scalable SaaS platform

    Leverage our technology proficiency to deploy a scalable SaaS solution featuring multi-tenant architecture, cloud-native design, and subscription-based pricing.

    Digitize your enterprise operations

    Develop digital enterprise platforms that optimize your business processes and streamline data flows helping you eliminate inefficiencies, reduce operational costs, and enhance agility.

    Modernize your legacy software

    Upgrade or completely re-engineer your technology infrastructure to align with your evolving business needs, deliver optimal performance, and enable a competitive advantage.

    Securely integrate APIs and systems

    Connect your software solutions with third-party services and internal business systems to streamline data management, simplify workflows, and enable new capabilities.

    Bring your solution to mobile platforms

    Custom mobile app development for both iOS and Android to redefine customer experiences or grant your employees convenient on-the-go access to the data needed for work.

    “They were solution-oriented, which allowed them to deliver high-quality work.”
    Ramon Meier, Switzerland Country Manager, Blackhawk Network

    We take ownership
    and go the extra mile

    From discovery to post-launch support – our custom software development company is fully accountable for your project. We provide full-cycle custom application development.

    Modeso Methodology

    From discovery to post-launch support – our custom software development company is fully accountable for your project. We provide full-cycle custom application development.

    “They’re very responsive compared to other companies, and it feels like they’re part of our team.”
    Chris Zurbrügg, CEO, Aumico

    Leading frameworks powering our approach

    We employ optimal software development methodologies to develop high-quality custom software solutions in the most efficient way.


    A product development methodology that helps teams prioritize the delivery of the most valuable outcomes to customers. A`nything that doesn’t affect the final product’s value should be removed from development process.


    An iterative flexible approach to software development that prioritizes collaboration, customer feedback, and the ability to respond to change quickly.


    A set of practices that aim to automate and integrate the processes of software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops), promoting collaboration and efficiency.

    Efficient software development

    Superior quality output
    Reduced risk (unexpected costs, missed deadlines)
    Accelerated time to market

    Our clients achieve tangible business outcomes

    Modeso thrives on reputation, with clients consistently recommending our software development consulting services. Why do they trust us? We understand their business challenges and turn their software investments into business results. Explore some examples of our recent projects showcasing our custom software development solutions.

    Investment managementFull-cycle software development

    Transforming Albin Kistler’s Sophisticated Algorithm into an Extensible and Secure Investment Portfolio Analytics Platform

    Modeso partnered with Albin Kistler to rebuild its financial analytics engine. Learn more about how we helped the leading Swiss asset management firm resolve tech challenges that hindered its growth.

    Read client story
    Laboratory automationFull-cycle software development

    Bringing a New Product to Market to Transform Quality Management in Manufacturing Laboratories

    From concept to market to 30+ enterprise customers across the globe – learn how 1LIMS teamed up with Modeso to realize their vision of becoming the global leader in quality data management in the manufacturing industry.

    Read client story
    Want to learn more about our work?

    Expertise tailored for the finance and healthcare industries

    Over the past decade, we’ve been partnering with established companies and startups in the finance and healthcare sectors operating in Switzerland and across Europe, to develop innovative and customized software solutions that transform these industries.


    We work across all areas of financial services and capital markets, offering engineering services with domain expertise, proven by the CFA certification. Our clients include banks, exchanges, hedge funds, market data providers, rating agencies, market utilities, insurance companies, fintech firms, and inter-dealer brokers.

    • Investment management solutions
    • Accounting systems
    • Payment tools
    • Digital insurance platforms
    • Embedded finance applications


    Modeso delivers robust digital solutions that help healthcare & life sciences organizations foster innovation and digital transformation, improve outcomes, and solve complex business challenges.

    • Healthcare workflow automation
    • Medical device software development
    • Revenue cycle management
    • mHealth applications

    Your trusted Swiss software development partner

    Building a digital product with a custom application development company in a different time zone and facing challenges with deadlines and budgets, can be stressful. We guarantee seamless collaboration, smooth project delivery, and top-quality solutions with an optimal value-to-investment ratio.

    In your timezone
    English & German proficiency
    Strong technology expertise
    On-time, on-budget delivery
    Full transparency
    Superior quality output
    “It’s great that we can speak to each other in our native language, which cuts down on miscommunication.”
    Matthias Herrmann, Head of Innovation Management, University Hospital Zurich

    Choose your engagement model

    Want to collaborate on custom software development? 
Our collaboration models are tailored to suit the requirements of diverse projects.


    • Clear project requirements
    • Strict deadlines 
    • Well-defined project scope with no alterations throughout the development process

    Time and materials

    • Long-term project
    • Evolving requirements 
    • Adjustable scope of work 
    • We provide change management and cost control throughout the project


    Develop custom software from start to finish

    Timely and cost-efficient delivery of the entire software development project – from ideation to support, full-stack development services.


    Hire a dedicated team to execute your project

    Custom software developers or an entire team that is specially set up based on our clients’ needs, acting as their in-house team.

    Frequently asked questions

    Where will my software development team be based geographically?

    We provide custom web & app development services from our main office in Zurich, Switzerland. We also have two tech hubs in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. Our technical project managers, fluent in both German and English, operate from Zurich, ensuring alignment with your time zone.

    Can I keep track of how the project is going?

    Certainly! You can monitor the project's progress seamlessly. You'll have visibility into our project management board in Jira (or your preferred system). This ensures you can track everything – from the backlog and task priorities to time spent on each task. Our goal is to keep you informed about completed work, any modifications, and items awaiting your feedback – ensuring complete transparency in application development.

    Do you provide support after the software is released as part of your custom software development services?

    Certainly! One of the benefits of our custom software development is that we offer 24/7 support with well-defined service level agreements (SLAs) to maintain the functionality of your application. Moreover, for ongoing work on extensive projects, you may want to check out our Dedicated Team services – we offer skilled software engineers on-demand to meet your ongoing custom software development needs.

    I want to team up with you for custom web application development. How long does a project usually last?

    The project duration varies based on the specific requirements. With our streamlined Agile workflows, we accelerate the software development process, letting you benefit from fast time-to-market and efficient delivery. To provide you with a more precise timeline, please share some project details, and we'll offer a more accurate estimate for custom software consulting.

    How much does it cost to develop custom software with Modeso?

    Similar to project duration, the cost of software development is linked to the scope of work. Let us know your needs, and we'll provide you with a quote for our custom software development services.

    How do you ensure the protection of my intellectual property?

    We understand your concerns regarding your data security when it comes to custom software outsourcing. To safeguard your intellectual property, we implement several key measures:
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) that prevent any unauthorized disclosure or sharing of your sensitive information.
    • Clear IP ownership in contracts to ensure that the rights to any code, designs, or innovations created during the project are transferred to you.
    • Secure data handling to protect your intellectual property from unauthorized access or breaches.
    • Limited access to project-related information for our team members to reduce the risk of unintentional leaks.
    • Regular audits of our security practices to ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices.

    We design, build, scale and invest in digital products at start-up speed

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