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Get a team of world-class
software experts matched
to your specific needs

Modeso provides teams of highly skilled software experts that seamlessly integrate into your workflows, enabling you to quickly expand your development capabilities and successfully deliver your projects.

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  • Find the right people effortlessly

    Hiring in software development is a considerable challenge, both in terms of cost and time. Businesses are turning to our on-demand dedicated teams to simplify their workforce-building efforts and get the following added benefits:

    Accelerate hiring process
    Cut recruitment costs
    Enjoy flexibility in team size
    Achieve digital excellence

    Optimal for companies building
    core development teams

    Our dedicated team services are designed for tech companies requiring a team with the expertise to deliver against their software development objectives.

    Best-fit talent

    Get a software development team precisely tailored to your unique requirements and company culture.

    Quickly onboarded

    Initiate your project within days – we’ll handle your team’s smooth onboarding and integration into your organization.

    Fully controlled by you

    You decide what your developers will work on and the hours they work, as they seamlessly integrate into your team.

    More affordable

    Acquire a team without the need to spend on hiring, training, upskilling, or benefits – simply pay for the actual work they deliver.

    Highly scalable

    Add more software engineers and other experts as your requirements evolve, and ramp down your team when you reduce the scope.

    Less turnover

    Consolidate project knowledge within your team – we ensure that all the exceptional talent we provide for you remains on board.

    Develop your product with top-tier tech talent

    Describe the necessary skill sets you’re looking for and we’ll help you assemble a team tailored to your requirements.Get in touch

    Hire software development
    experts for core roles

    From business analysts to UI/UX designers, software developers, and project managers to DevOps experts – we offer all the essential roles for crafting high-quality software.

    • Frontend developers

      Angular, React.

    • Backend developers

      Node.js, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Postgres

    • Mobile app developers

      React Native, Swift, Kotlin

    • Cloud engineers

      AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

    • DevOps engineers

      Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins

    • Automation & manual QA engineers

      Backbone, Selenium, Solidity

    • UI/UX designers

      User experience, Prototyping, Visual design, User research, Usability testing, UX audit, Design systems

    • Product owners & managers


    • Business analysts


    Deconstructing our engagement process

    We ensure complete transparency in the team allocation process for you. Your dedicated team will be entirely focused on your project, operating from our tech offices in Cairo or Alexandria and, if necessary, traveling to your premises. Let’s walk through the process:

    Our dedicated teams contribute to our clients’ business success

    Our teams offer more than just software development expertise; they bring invaluable experience in building successful real-world products for different industries. Explore some examples of our recent projects

    Medical equipment manufacturingFull-cycle software development

    The Evolution of Xflow’s Product Vision: Streamlining Clear Aligner Manufacturing with a Unified Workflow Management Platform

    Developed by Modeso for Dental Axess, Xflow transformed from a data platform to a workflow management solution for dentistry. Discover how we addressed technology challenges to streamline the clear aligner manufacturing process.

    Read client story
    Investment managementFull-cycle software development

    A Digital Transformation Journey from Manual Audit Processes to an Internationally Adaptable Solution

    Learn how we helped Rietmann & Partner, a Swiss nationwide auditor and tax consultant established in 1911, digitize their internal auditing process by building a highly customizable solution that has positioned the firm for global scalability.

    Read client story

    Want to learn more about our work?

    Better value compared to alternatives

    There are numerous alternatives for hiring dedicated teams, but Modeso’s value-driven approach to work distinguishes us from other companies.

    Sourcing Approach

    Other companies

    Rely on software experts from extensive talent pools or “off the bench.”


    Exceptional tech talent whose growth we’ve fostered during their tenure with our company. Our talent, carefully chosen to suit your unique requirements, has a verified track record in successful software projects.

    Language proficiency

    Other companies

    May have proficient English skills, but their cultural alignment is not always guaranteed.


    Fluent in both German and English, effective communication, and cultural alignment.

    Time zone alignment

    Other companies

    Operate within a 5 to 10-hour difference.


    Operate from Zurich and Egypt, strategically positioned to align with your time zone.

    Performance guarantee

    Other companies

    Uncertain performance from the dedicated team.


    We take responsibility for ensuring your team’s optimal productivity throughout the engagement.

    Full-time commitment

    Other companies

    Might provide software experts with several projects in parallel.


    Fully dedicated to your project, ensuring undivided attention and focus.

    Team retention

    Other companies

    Might put your project at risk if key members suddenly leave or switch projects.


    Strong team retention program. Plus, we capture and preserve project knowledge, to reduce the risk associated with depending on individual team members.

    Both temporary and
    long-term engagement

    Are you in search of a short-term talent boost or a lasting technical partnership with reliable, experienced, and skilled software engineers? Our contracts begin with a one-month commitment and can be scaled up to accommodate evolving client needs.

    Meet the team

    We’re happy to have them onboard. Seems the feeling is mutual.


    Hire a dedicated team to execute your project

    A software development team that is specially set up based on our clients’ needs, acting as their in-house team.


    Develop custom software from start to finish

    Timely and cost-efficient delivery of the entire software development project – from ideation to support, fully managed.

    Frequently asked questions

    In which geographic locations will my software development team be situated?

    Our head office is in Zurich, Switzerland, with two additional tech hubs in Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt. Our technical project managers, proficient in both German and English, work from Zurich to maintain synchronization with your time zone.

    Will my dedicated team be solely focused on my project?

    Certainly! We assign a dedicated development team comprising developers, designers, project managers, business analysts, DevOps, and QA engineers to a project, guaranteeing their undivided attention and commitment to the assigned tasks.

    After hiring a dedicated development team, who will serve as my primary contact? Will I directly engage with the developers?

    You can choose to work directly with our developers or opt for a more streamlined and productive approach by involving a project manager, which we recommend. Our team stays readily available to you through multiple communication channels, including phone, email, or any messaging service of your choice. To facilitate communication with our clients, we use various collaboration tools like Slack and Zoom.

    How is a dedicated team structured?

    In the beginning, your team may comprise a dedicated project manager and only one or two full-time developers. As we gain a deeper understanding of your project, we scale up your team in response to its requirements. We might introduce QA specialists, and additional developers and designers to join your project.

    How can I be sure that the developers you provide are a good fit for my requirements?

    Our dedicated team services are designed to precisely match your needs with the right talent. We thoroughly evaluate your requirements, including roles, tech stack, industry expertise, and cultural fit, and align them with the skills and experience of our team. We identify top candidates and present them to you for your own interviews and final selection. You can be confident that your dedicated development team will seamlessly integrate with your workflows, becoming an integral part of your organization.

    What is the expense associated with hiring a team of developers?

    At Modeso, we maintain transparency with no setup fees or concealed costs. Opting for our developers not only allows you to avoid hidden charges but also brings substantial cost savings compared to in-house hiring. With Modeso, you pay for the actual work accomplished by your team. Share your requirements with us, and we'll provide you with a cost estimate.

    What if I am dissatisfied with a developer you've supplied?

    Our team will thoroughly examine the issue and try to find a solution. In case the proposed solution does not meet your expectations, we will expedite the process of arranging a replacement as promptly as possible.

    Is it possible to modify the team size during the project?

    Certainly! We provide flexible resourcing, enabling you to scale up or down the team size, modify skill sets, and adjust roles as needed throughout the project.

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